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Have you ever had a sneezing fit? What’s the longest you’ve ever been unable to stop sneezing continuously? Was it for 10 minutes? Maybe longer like an hour? Well, imagine not being able to sneeze for a full month. Now imagine for multiple years.

That’s the duration of sneezing from the Guiness world record holder for continuous sneezes. The record is held by Donna Griffiths (UK, b. 1969). She started sneezing on January 13th, 1981 and her first day of being sneeze-free was September 16th, 1983. That’s 976 days of sneezing. That’s over two and a half years of “bless you”.

Gesundheit is a lesson common respond to sneezing. The most common response by a long shot is the good old familiar “God bless you”.

In her first year, it’s estimated that she sneezed about a million times. That’s a lot of Kleenex.

Sneezing for multiple years is a bit of feat to maybe be proud of. It’s a world record that does give you bragging rights. But most of us wouldn’t want to spend even 5 minutes sneezing. How can we stop our sneezing fits?

  1. Learn triggers.
  2. Treat allergies.
  3. Avoid light.
  4. Use nasal spray.
  5. Say ‘pickles’
  6. Blow your nose.
  7. Us a quality air filter

What’s your longest sneezing fit. Feel free to share in comments. What sets you off?