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Springtime is smiles, sunshine, flowers and..and…sneezes. One of these four is not like the other. While springtime is a wonderful time of year, it can be challenging if you or your children have allergies.

The standard advice for allergies is to avoid triggers that release histamine and take medicine to control allergy symptoms. But allergy meds can have negative side effects on children. Unfortunately, many children with allergies are put on drugs for years with little to no improvement.

It’s time for something better.

Introducing all-natural Histamine Shield Plus for kids.

All Natural Histamine Shield Plus for kids in Strawberry Fruit Punch flavor

Histamine Shield Plus for kids is brought to you from Wellsource Nutraceuticals, the makers of Histamine Shield Plus. The product is now available for purchase on Amazon and coming soon to the Histamine Shield Plus website.