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Today’s guest post comes to us courtesy of Dr. Jeffrey A. Johnson. This is the first in a three-part series relating to the protective nature of our immune system.

Did you ever watch any of the “Star Trek®” series? In all of them, regardless if it’s “Star Trek, (The Original Series), or Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All-Access)”, there’s always a scene where the starship Captain orders, “Shields Up!” The point being that the starship is now ‘protected’ from whatever alien harm may be lurking outside the hull.

Likewise, our own bodies have a built-in ‘shield’ that ‘goes-up’ sometimes at the drop of a pollen-spore but more on that in a moment.

According to the last U.S. National Census, upwards to 30% of American adults suffer from some form of allergies. In definition, an allergy occurs when our immune system reacts to a foreign substance. Much like Captain Kirk® ordering “shields up”, triggers of the human immune system response (ISR) can be, for example, pollen, or bee venom, perhaps pet dander, dust, or dust mites, even foods are known to cause an ISR reaction in susceptible individuals.

The ISR-reaction, which releases a substance called histamine, causes our bodies to generate defensive substances known as antibodies once the histamine is let loose. The antibodies, in turn, identify a particular allergen considered harmful to us (even though in reality the ‘allergen trigger’ may not be harmful to you). Thus, whenever we come into contact with that particular allergen, our ISR-reaction (histamine driving antibody production) can result in an inflammation of our skin, or sinuses, or airways or our digestive system. The severity of the ISR allergy reaction does tend to vary from individual to individual. The ISR reaction can range from minor irritation to full-blown, life-threatening anaphylactic shock. To date, unfortunately, medical science has not found a curative solution to most allergies. But continued research is yielding very beneficial therapies to relieve our allergy symptoms. One such symptomatic therapeutic agent is Wellsource’s Histamine Shield Plus®.

“So”, you may be asking, “what makes Histamine Shield Plus® (HSP) different and unique in
the Over-The-Counter realm of symptomatic therapy treatment of our ISR-reaction?”Great question – thanks for asking.

Our Wellsource® Pharmaceutical Care Team has taken a slightly different approach with the combination of five active nutraceutical ingredients (ANIs) in the formulation of HSP. Those 5 ANIs are: – Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 300mg; – Quercetin Dihydrate 400mg; – Stinging Nettles Leaf Pwdr 400mg; – Bromelain 100mg; – N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine 50mg. These 5 ANIs help to individually and collectively work to augment our body’s immune system

Our focus on this first of three posts with regards to WellSource’s HSP is to share simply the foundation of the 5 ANIs working together to facilitate our internal immune system’s response to those particular allergens that impact us. (The next five of our Blogs will zero-in on each of the ANIs individually. The seventh Blog will do a compare/contrast between other similar OTC medications/jaj) Below is just a straightforward listing of what the literature reports as potential mechanism-of-actions, or how the 5 ANIs work to boost our immune systems. Vitamin C – Antioxidant; Fights ‘free radicals’; Enhances phagocytosis; chemotaxis; antimicrobials Quercetin Dihydrate – Antioxidant; Stimulates Immune System; Inhibits histamine release Stinging Nettles Leaf Powder – Antioxidant; Anti-inflammatory; Antihistamine Bromelain – Anti-inflammatory; Positive Immunomodulatory; Reduces cytokines N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine – Amino Acid (Cysteine): Key precursor for glutathione = Antiox/+ISR

Again, the remainder of the “Shields Up” Series, will drill more specifically into each of the
ANIs. But to conclude this Blog, the foundation of these 5 ANIs working in concert is fairly straight forward. Thus, if you suffer from allergies to mold spores, or odor-infused particles, or dust, or pollen, or pet dander, or dust mite debris, might just want to give WellSource’s Histamine Shield Plus® a try.